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In conjuction with our subsidiary GL Optic Lichtmesstechnik, we have developed a process to reproduce exactly the light in a JUST standardized viewing booth that is measured before at any place. Find out how it works!


...the color of your products – no matter if it is decor, plastic, paper, varnish or any other type of colored surface – should be assessed under a particular lighting. For example, your product will be used in vehicle interiors, where vehicle interior lighting is the most important light. Or a kitchen manufacturer creates special, maybe even changing lighting conditions through integrated LED lighting. So your products should also color match with this different lighting. Remember, the color impression always depends on the lighting.

In order to accurately reproduce the existing light or the radiation emitted by a light source, our workflow solution is the easiest and most efficient way.

How is it working – light measurement and light simulation?

In four simple steps you measure, analyze and reproduce the emitted light and assess your color samples in one of our LED color viewing cabinet with exact this light.


1. Measuring light:

With the GL SPECTIS spectrometers you can simply measure the emitted light of a light source without having a lot experience in light measurement. The mobile GL spectrometer allows you to do measurements anywhere without a PC what is the easiest way to do light measurements. The measurements will be stored directly in the GL device.

2. Transferring measured data:

Back to your work place, connect the spectrometer to your PC. The adJUST LEDcontrol software detects your GL spectrometer and reads the stored measurement.

3. Simulating light:

The LED Color Viewing booth that is connected with your PC by USB will also be controlled with adJUST LEDcontrol software. At the push of a button, the software transmits your measured light data to the viewing booth that is simulating exactly the measured light by using multi-spectral LEDs.

4. Color assessment:

Now you can visually assess your color pattern under the measured light and compare it with other materials or color samples. Of course you can also change the light properties with the adJUST software. No matter if you want to enter color coordinates, color temperature or even activate simulation of UV-radiation, there are virtually no limits.

What do I need?

You only need three components:

  • one spectrometer of the GL SPECTIS series, e.g. GL SPECTIS 1.0 Touch
  • the adJUST LEDcontrol software
  • one LED color viewing booth

You will get the complete workflow solution including measuring device, software and color assessment cabinet from us. Software and devices working perfectly fine together. For precise measuring results and viewing conditions.

OK got it. However I don‘t need to measure certain light sources.

In this case, you will find numerous viewing booths with various dimensions and accessories in the „Color Viewing Light“ series. Check colors and detect metamerism with up to five standardized illuminants D65, D50, TL84, home light (A) and UV. If you need more or different illuminants like mentioned, the LED Color Viewing Light cabinet with adJUST software is best solution for you.

Receive your offer now!

You can use our contact formular in order to receive a non-binding offer for a set that consists of the color viewing booth "LED Color Viewing Light" including a software package and the spectrometer "GL Spectis 1.0 Touch" 

You can also call us for more information: +49 (0)7023 9504-30