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The led-based MODERNIzation
of your proofing station 

The impending ban on fluorescent lamps has formally shaken up the standardized lighting industry. The new RoHS Directive, which restricts the use of hazardous and harmful substances in electrical and electronic equipment, was adopted by the EU Commission in February 2022. It stipulates that no lamps containing mercury may be placed on the market after August 24, 2023. For D65 and D50 standardized light luminaires, as well as ISO 3668 and ISO 3664 standard light luminaires for color matching, there is an exemption until 2025, but the switch to mercury-free alternatives is already recommend. User of standardized color matching systems face the challenge of finding an alternative LED-based solution for fluorescent lamps containing mercury. 

The Digital Light Systems (DLS) from JUST Normlicht have long been convincing color and print matcher worldwide. More and more products of the product range are offered in series LED-based. For existing JUST stations there is the possibility to upgrade installed fluorescent lamps with the DLS Upgrade Systems

In addition, we now enable third-party color proofing stations to be equipped with the patented Digital Light Systems.

Discover our DLS Retrofit Systems now.


DLS RETROFIT in a few of Minutes

The DLS Retrofit Systems are specifically designed as an alternative for third-party stations with mercury-containing fluorescent lamps. The system should make it easier for users to switch to LED-based standardized lighting systems. The old luminaires are replaced with modern LED-based DLS luminaires which are specifically designed for your station and engineered to fulfill your requirements. The refurbishment from a fluorescent-based luminaire to a DLS Retrofit solution is done in minutes. 

With JUST's DLS Retrofit systems, it is now possible for owners of third-party stations to benefit from all the advantages of the patented DLS solution.


The DLS Retrofit Systems generate with the installed Digital Light Systems a light spectrum that produce the highest quality light, which remains constant over years. The spectral distribution simulates standard light D50 and D65 so well that the specifications for visual color assessment according to ISO 3664 and ISO 3668 are not only met, but are significantly exceeded.

DLS Retrofit Systems 

  • ensure extremely homogeneous as well as glare- and reflection-free illumination, thanks to asymmetrical light design and Fresnel-type prismatic lens
  • allow dimming without color shift
  • have UV-Only - function for the detection of optical brighteners
  • allow to switch UV on/off according to ISO 3664 and ISO 3668 
  • guarantee a service life of 50,000 hours
  • do not require any warm-up time
  • can be calibrated

The DLS luminaires are more sustainable than fluorescent lamps due to the long-life LED technology. Due to the DLS retrofit systems, resources are conserved, and investment costs kept low, which a complete replacement investment in an LED-based station could entail. There is no need for regular tube replacement, which is essential with fluorescent lamps after 2,500 hours of operation. It eliminates ongoing investment in replacement lamp sets and the time lost to tube changes and warm-up periods. Fluorescent lamps contain toxic mercury, which is why they are expensive to dispose of as hazardous waste. 

With the modernization of your existing station, your company will benefit from all the technical, environmental, and economic advantages from day one, and will completely pay off itself within 5 years!  

environmental aspects

DLS Retrofit Systems are more environmentally friendly than a completely new investment. 

They are characterized by:

  • cost-effectiveness, as replacement lamps and disposing is no longer necessary
  • low energy consumption due to intelligent LED technology
  • the improvement of the energy footprint by reducing CO2 emissions
  • protection of the environment from harmful substances

our service spectrum

The DLS Retrofit solution makes your proofing station fit for the future.

You are looking for an expert for Retrofit? 
JUST Normlicht is your partner of the future.

We offer:

  • Modernization of existing third-party proofing stations with the latest JUST LED technology
  • Professional consulting from the first contact to realize your station according to your requirements and expectations 

  • compliance with current norms and standards 

  • guaranteed service and maintenance of your station

Is DLS Retrofit always possible?

The DLS Retrofit Systems are basically available for all third-party stations and press manufacturers. 

This is because JUST Normlicht designs for each third-party station an individual solution. For this purpose, we are in permanent exchange with the customer to find out everything up to the last detail. The DLS Retrofit systems are all designed according to a basic scheme, but we see each station as a special request, so that the station meets your requirements as well as ours. That is why the DLS Retrofit solution is possible with almost any third-party station.

The first DLS Retrofit Systems for the brands GTI, Manroland, Heidelberg, Komori, KBA, Megastahl, White Screen and Deitenbach are already available, with many more to follow. 

You have a third-party color proofing station and would like to switch to JUST's unique DLS technology?

Contact us and we will make an individual offer! Please have detailed information and photos of your station ready.

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