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Viewing booths for visual color assessment

Both small companys and worldwide operating corporations use our viewing booths for visual color assessment. Accordingly the requirements a different to a suitable viewing booth. The new Color Viewing Light series is available as an entry-level as well as for professional color matching with a lot of useful features.

The devices are available with 3 to 5 illuminants (D65, D50, TL84, A, UV) in BASIC, ADVANCED and PROFESSIONAL versions. While the BASIC version is the entry-level class with mechanical light switching, the ADVANCED and PROFESSIONAL versions offer a convenient Electronic Control Panel (ECP) that provides numerous useful functions. For instance, the illuminated keypad in green, yellow and red draws attention to an upcoming lamp change. Moreover, the PROFESSIONAL version allows continuously variable dimming of the five illuminants. The Color Viewing Light can be connected to the in-house network via a LAN connection, and operated remotely via a web-based Remote App. These new functions not only make for more convenient operation, but also meet the demands of the standards for industrial visual color matching. These standards include ASTM D1729, DIN 6173-2 and ISO 3668, which define all the parameters for reproducible color matching. Additionally available is an extensive range of accessories, such as storage cabinets and inclined viewing surfaces for an optimum viewing angle.

  • Perfect for viewing plastics, paints, textiles, decors and colored coatings of all kinds
  • 5 illuminants: D65, A, TL84, D50, UV
  • Compliant to ISO 3664, ISO 3668, DIN 6173-2, ASTM 1729
  • Convenient Electronic Control Panel for easy operation of the Color Viewing Light, directly on the unit or on a mobile device via the Internet browser
  • Adjustment of the brightness, thanks to dimmable lamps
  • Operation hours meter for all illuminants for timely relamping
  • Easy generation of detailed color matching reports
  • LAN connection for remote control of the viewing booth by smartphone, laptop or tablet using a remote app
  • Mixed-light function
  • 10 light sequences can be stored
  • 5 different sizes available for a wide variety of viewing samples
  • Interior designed in neutral, matt gray Munsell N7 (others on request)
Viewing booth on wheels


Remote application

Web-based remote control application for smartphones and tablet PCs

LAN connection

Connection to your in-house network

Electronic Control Panel

A lot of useful features like operation hours meter, reporting or programmable light sequences

Viewing Booth series


Small color matching booths with a basic sope of functions and comfort

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Maintenance-friendly viewing booths for advanced color matching tasks with useful features. Available with five differen illuminants and in five dimensions.

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Viewing booths with highly convenient operation and numerous functions for professional color matching. Available with five different illuminants and in five dimensions.

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